The Deprecation Of Retro


In 2015, cPanel created Retro as a temporary style to help ease the transition to Paper Lantern for our X3 users. The Retro style has far outlived its life expectancy, and it has now come time to [...]

The Deprecation Of Retro2021-06-30T02:16:25+00:00

What is Password strength


Password strength is a measure of how effective password is against hacking. There are various ways hackers can crack a password, like brute force attack, dictionary attack, etc. Using [...]

What is Password strength2020-12-31T20:28:16+00:00

Generate cPanel Backup


Backups are Important. The most important thing you can do to keep your web site safe is to perform regular backups.  Backups can be your life saver as they [...]

Generate cPanel Backup2020-12-31T20:32:02+00:00

Understanding Error Pages


An error page informs a visitor when there is a problem accessing your site. Each type of problem has its own code. For example, a visitor who enters [...]

Understanding Error Pages2020-04-26T07:33:52+00:00
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