Did you lost your WordPress password and forgot your recovery email address? Well if this just happened to you, you are not alone. Many users often forget their WordPress passwords and don’t remember what was their admin email address. Don’t worry, I will teach you how to reset your WordPress password in 1 minute, through PHPMyAdmin MySQL interface, found in most hosting control panels.  We also provide PHPMyAdmin inside our control panel.

WordPress stores its passwords in a table, called wp_users. WordPress users MD5 Password Hashing. Without going into technical details, MD5 is an algorithm, which encrypts your password using cryptographic function and it is almost impossible to crack.

PHPMyAdmin Interface

As you can see in the image above, there is wp_users table, click on the Browse link to open this table.  When you click on the wp_users table, you will see following screen.

PHPMyAdmin WordPress Admin Password Recovery

Now generate an MD5 Password using any online MD5 Hash Generator and update user_pass field with this password.  You can do this either by clicking on the edit link or just double click on top of password field and it will open an edit window, here you will be able to update your WordPress Password. That’s it, you are all set !!  Now you will be able to login to your WordPress Installation with this new Password.

While creating a new password make sure your password is strong and clock high on Password Strength meter. If you like this article please share it.