Two Factor Authentication allows and an extra layer of security to your account and helps you prevent hackers from logging into your account, even if they have your password. This extra security measure confirms users identity by using a combination of two different factors: 1) Password, 2) some other form of information known only to you.   Two Factor authentication is also known as 2FA.

We provide Two Factor Authentication (2FA) service inside cPanel and WHM  control Panel and also on our support portal.   You can enable Two-factor Authentication for your account by logging into cPanel / WHM and clicking on Two-factor authentication APP.

Two-factor authentication requires two forms of identification:

  1. Your password.
  2. A generated security code by Authenticator APP.

When you enable 2FA, an application on your smartphone supplies a code that you must enter with your password to log in. When 2FA is enabled, without your smartphone, you cannot log in.

Two Factor Authentication Setup Inside cPanel

2FA requires a smartphone with a supported time-based one-time password (TOTP) app. We suggest the following apps:

For Android™, iOS®, and Blackberry® — Google Authenticator™
For Android and iOS — Duo Mobile
For Windows® Phone — Authenticator

It is always a good idea to enable two factor authentication for your account.  In case you lost access to your two-factor authentication app, simply contact our support team for help.