In 2015, cPanel created Retro as a temporary style to help ease the transition to Paper Lantern for our X3 users. The Retro style has far outlived its life expectancy, and it has now come time to officially bid Retro a fond farewell.

We are phasing out support for the Retro Style because cPanel will no longer support it. Here’s what to expect:

  • Default Style will be the Glass style for all new accounts. This update does not affect existing installations or third-party themes.
  • cPanel will no longer introduce new features or bug fixes for the Retro style.
  • cPanel will end QA testing of the Retro style.
  • Security fixes will continue at the direction of cPanel Security Team.
  • cPanel will stop releasing the Retro style to the community as an open-source project at this time.

This is the start of a voluntary transition away from the Retro style.

Look for more deprecation announcements in the future about the Retro style as we work to improve your experience!