A content delivery network, commonly referred to as CDN, is a network of servers strategically placed across the globe with the purpose of delivering digital content to users as fast as possible.

Utilizing a CDN is one of the most effective ways to deliver content with high speed and reliability on a global scale. A study done by the University of Nebraska found that the tolerable waiting time for information is approximately only 2 seconds.  Hence, it is very Important to have a web site which loads faster on users device.

How does a CDN work?

CDN is a large network made up of various servers located in multiple data centers spread across different geographic regions. These servers are placed close to populated areas, where users are generally located. The idea is to direct the user to the closest server. When a user requests content from a site that uses a CDN, the request is routed to the closest server, where a web server sends the requested data.  Since CDN server is usually hosted near users geographic location, content is served much faster.

How to use CDN on your WordPress Web Site?

There are many CDN providers, which provide WordPress Plugins to use on your web sites.  Many WordPress  Caching Plugins also support CDN Networks.

CloudFlare is one of the Best Secure CDN Provider, which not only provide CDN network for your web site but also helps enhancing security of your web site. CPHosting is CloudFlare Partner and you can Enable CloudFlare CDN on your web site from our Control Panel with just one click.