Our Datacenters

We at the CPHosting know that every second your web site is down you’re losing opportunities and confidence of your visitors. With that in mind CPHosting host its servers only in the best data centers around the world.

The CPHosting host its servers in many data centers around the world. Our data centers facilities are among the best-connected hosting facilities.

List of our providers include:

1) Softlayer

The SoftLayer network has capacity of over 2,000 Gbps and 16 points of presence (PoPs).  The SoftLayer have enabled dozens of 10Gbps network connections across its locations that are provided by leading global network providers, and include multiple public peering links to dozens of additional Internet access networks.

2) Raskspace

The Rackspace have 8 data centers around the world. Rackspace Guarantees their network will be available 100% of the time in any given month.  Which turn out to be the best solution for CPHosting customers.

3) FortressITX

FortressITX, NJ, USA utilizes one of the fastest and most reliable Internet backbones in the industry with multiple points of redundancy and all Tier1 Providers, including Savvis, Telia, Global Crossing, nLayer and Level3. FortressITX data center gets its multi Gigabit bandwidth network through two independent POP’s 111th NYC and 165 Halsey (Equinix) NJ while hosting a number of network routers, load balancers, firewalls, Internet servers, and switches.

Aggressive Server Monitoring

The CPHosting human system administrators aggressively monitor all its servers 24x7x365.  We monitor multiple service ports to make sure all services are up and running all the time.  Its like a war room here, if anything goes wrong with any of our servers our monitoring system sound kind of fire alarm, enough to wake up everyone in nearby offices. >:-)~

All services on the CPHosting servers are checked every 3 minutes by monitoring service located in 2 different continents. If any service (example apache, sendmail, mysql server etc.). is not working properly then monitoring service tries restarting that service automatically and in case of failure it sends alert to online system administrator (always available) through widget + SMS + instant messenger + email to look into the problem.